Principal investigator of the Media Deserts Project, Dr. Michelle Ferrier, along with colleagues Dr. Gaurav Sinha and Michael Outrich contributed the chapter “Media Deserts: Mapping the Changing Media Ecosystem” to this 2016 book from Palgrave.

Ohio University Staff Reports. “Media Seeds Project in SE Ohio Seeks to Create Dialogue and Communication Tools in Media Deserts,” September 25, 2017.

Ohio University Staff Reports. “Ferrier Receives $25,000 Grant to Expand Media Deserts Project,” May 26, 2016.

Ferrier, Michelle, Gaurav Sinha, Michael Outrich. “Media Deserts: Monitoring the Changing Media Ecosystem,” The Communication Crisis in America, And How to Fix It, 1st ed. (2016), Palgrave, p. 217-

Ferrier, Michelle. (June 16, 2015) “National Map Shows Declines in Number of Newspaper by ZIP Code“:

Ferrier, Michelle (June 15, 2015 “Media Corps: Beyond the AmeriCorps Model and the Need for J-Schools”:

Barrett Ferrier, Michelle. (2014) “The Media Deserts Project: Monitoring Community News and Information Needs Using Geographic Information System Technologies.” Presented at the AEJMC Midwinter Conference, University of Oklahoma, February 28-March 1, 2014.
Access PDF

Barrett Ferrier, Michelle (2013) “Hyperlocal Online News Sites: Are They Meeting Community News and Information Needs?” The rise of online news sites in the past seven years has been one response to the changing legacy daily newspaper environment and the relative simplicity of online publishing technologies. However, many of these news startups may not be reaching all the residents in their geographic reach or representing their region’s population accurately, according to recent analysis by Elon University students. More than 120 hyperlocal online news sites were reviewed by students using a content analysis and a cultural studies approach. The research, conducted under the guidance of Dr. Michelle Ferrier, evaluates hyperlocal online news sites, their content, their geographic reach and how well these sites serve their region’s residents with fresh news and information.
Project Wiki:

AOL Patch Wiki:
Details of all of the Patch community sites and their status.

Ferrier, Michelle. (January 28, 2014) “AOL Patch Insiders Know How to Build it Better”:

Ferrier, Michelle. (February 4, 2014) “Too Big To Fail: AOL Patch Tried Land Grab”:

Ferrier, Michelle. (February 12, 2014) “Culture Clash: Patch Editors Despair Over Diluted News Mission”:

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