Media Deserts National Map of Daily Newspaper Counts by ZIP Code
This national map represents the loss and gains in the number of daily newspaper entities serving communities in the United States from 2007 to 2011. Orange to red cells show areas that have experienced declines. [Read more…]

Media Desert: A geographic area lacking in fresh, local news and information.

The Media Deserts Project uses geographic information system technologies to map the changing reach and penetration of media to the ZIP code level. Our goal is to identify areas that lack access to fresh, local news and information. We map layers of daily newspaper circulation, hyperlocal online news sites and other emerging media to identify underserved and underrepresented communities. Since 2008, more than 120 newspapers have ceased operation in communities across the United States. The dynamic online model will allow individuals and communities to identify media deserts and remedy them through journalistic innovations and media entrepreneurship.

For more information on The Media Deserts Project, contact Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University, (740) 593-9860 or ferrierm(at)ohio(dot)edu.


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